Public Training

Think about the many legal and regulatory requirements staff must follow. Think about the risks and consequences should these activities and processes fail. Pretty soon, you’ll appreciate the importance of people knowing exactly what to do and why they do it. 

Training can achieve many objectives, but one of the primary objectives is to build staff capabilities in key areas or up skill staff for new and different tasks. Staff training will also increase job satisfaction and staff retention because people feel the organisation is investing in them.

Upcoming Public Training Courses

Our public training provides organisations with an affordable, face to face training option.

Advanced GIPA For Practitioners

Course Date: 20 March 2018

In-house Training Courses

Introductory Risk Management Training

Course Delivery: In-house training only.

Fraud and Corruption Awareness Training

Course Delivery: In-house training only.

Audit Committee Member

Course Delivery: In-house training only.


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