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InConsult appointed to Local Government Internal Audit and Management Consulting Services Panel

InConsult is pleased to announce that it has been successfully appointed to the very first Local Government Procurement Internal Audit and Management Consulting Services Panel (LGP218).

Services delivered to NSW councils

Through the panel, InConsult will provide the following Risk and Management Consultancy Services to NSW councils:
• independent assessment of the effectiveness of risk management, internal controls and governance processes
• review of efficiency, effectiveness and improvement of processes and practices
• compliance audits, performance audits, specialist or generalist information technology audits specialist or generalist work health safely audits, environmental audits, financial audits
• consultancy, advisory and related professional activities

Benefits to NSW Councils

By using LGP218, Local Government Procurement expects to achieve the following outcomes:
• effective and independent internal audit function that provides timely and useful information
• enhance good governance and accountability and drives continuous improvement
• deliver management consulting services to implement audit recommendations, with the objective of reducing risk and improving internal processes

About Local Government Procurement

Local Government Procurement (LGP) is a business arm of Local Government NSW (LGNSW), the membership association for all councils in NSW. Established in 2006, LGP focuses on creating procurement efficiencies and building procurement expertise, saving councils significantly in time and dollars.ePoint website.

About InConsult

Established in 2001, InConsult is a leading professional services firm with extensive local and international experience in risk management, business continuity, fraud and corruption prevention, internal audit, assurance and GRC software development.

With over 95 NSW council clients, InConsult is one of the largest service providers to the sector.

NSW councils can contact InConsult on 02 9241 1344 to discuss their needs.

We’re Cyber Risk Ready

At InConsult, we’ve been helping our clients confidently manage their risks for over 17 years and so it is with great pleasure that we announce our new and enhanced cyber risk management capabilities to help our clients better combat the escalating threat from cyber risks.WHY?Cyber risks are a real threat to business.  Here are the facts:CyberRead More…

International Fraud Awareness Week 2017

InConsult is proud to promote International Fraud Awareness Week 2017 which runs from the 12-18th November 2017.  Organised by the Association of Certified Fraud Examiners (ACFE), International Fraud Awareness Week is a global effort dedicated to fraud awareness, detection and prevention.  Read More…

InConsult principal sponsor of IIA’s Local Government Internal Audit Forum 2017

InConsult is proud to be the principal sponsor of the industry-leading, Institute of Internal Auditors (IIA) Local Government Internal Audit Forum 2017  to be held in Sydney on 9 November 2017.This annual forum, now in its 9th year, brings together the management and technical aspects that are defining local government internal audit, risk and governanceRead More…

International Fraud Awareness Week 2016

InConsult is proud to get involved in International Fraud Awareness Week 2016 which runs from the 13-19th November 2016. Organised by the Association of Certified Fraud Examiners (ACFE), International Fraud Awareness Week is a global effort dedicated to fraud awareness, detection and prevention.  Click here for the official website.Read More…

New Local Government Act Mandates Internal Audit

The Office of Local Government has released an Explanatory Paper on the proposed Phase 1 Amendments to the Local Government Act. Consultation on the proposed amendments is open until 15 March 2016. The precise timing of the amendments is unclear although the Paper anticipates that amending legislation could be introduced into and passed by theRead More…

International Internal Audit Awareness Month

International Internal Audit Awareness Month is May 2015 and we want to tell the world that we are proud to be internal auditors.International Internal Audit Awareness Month aims not only to dispel misconceptions about the profession, but to enhance the business community’s knowledge of the essential role internal audit plays in strong organisational governance, internal control, andRead More…

InConsult Accredited to Assist NSW Government In Risk Management

InConsult has been accredited under the NSW Government Performance and Management Services Procurement Scheme to supply NSW Government agencies under the following categories:Corporate and Business Strategy and PlanningAudit and Assurance ServicesInvestigation ServicesBoard and Committees Membership Appointment and Advisory ServicesBusiness Process ImprovementProject Governance and ManagementThe benefits of the accreditation under the NSW Government Performance and Management Services Procurement Scheme, isRead More…

Risk management in local government improving, but gaps remain

A survey of New South Wales Councils has revealed improved risk management, business continuity and internal audit practices but identified a number of gaps in some critical areas and shortfalls against better practice. This is the conclusion of specialist risk management and audit firm, InConsult, who conducted a survey of New South Wales (NSW) ShiresRead More…

InConsult Appointed to the NSW Government ‘Fit For The Future’ Technical Advisory Panel

 We are pleased to announce that InConsult has been appointed to the NSW Government Fit for the Future Technical Advisory Panel to provide advice and guidance to all NSW local councils requiring assistance with their Fit for the Future proposals. InConsult is able to provide advice in these areas:Financial SustainabilityService Delivery and ReviewCommunity Engagement With over 80Read More…