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Introductory Risk Management Training

Course Overview

Our Introductory Risk Management Training is an excellent way to help introduce and reinforce the basic concepts of risk management to improve people’s risk management skills and confidence.

The course is designed to help Directors, audit committee members, councilors, senior executives, line managers, team leaders, auditors , actuaries grasp the basic and most important concepts of risk management using the AS/NZS ISO 31000 risk management standard as the foundation of the course. 

Course Outline

  • Fundamentals of risk & uncertainty.
  • Overview of the AS/NZS ISO 31000 risk management standard.
  • Key terms.
  • How to conduct a risk assessment – a step-by-step process of risk identification, analysis and evaluation and how to apply it in practice.
  • How to complete a Risk Register and Treatment Plan.
  • How to address risk by identify and evaluating control effectiveness and developing treatments.
  • Myths and barriers to good risk management.

Course Benefits

  • This course will help reinforce your organisations commitment to risk management and importance of managing risk.
  • Enhance the quality of risk management processes and activities.
  • Develop people’s capabilities and skills as they will learn how to apply new skills.
  • Improve the overall effectiveness of your risk management and governance framework as people are engaged and involved.

The course includes DVD’s, games and case studies to make learning fun, effective and memorable. Participants receive InConsult’s Risk Management Workbook, including case studies and templates.
Participants can claim 6 hours CPD points (one day). A certificate of attainment is issued upon completion.

Course Delivery

The course is only available as in-house training, modified to your risk management framework as either one-day or half-day training.

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