Advanced GIPA For Practitioners

Course Overview

The Government Information Public Access Act has a significant impact on the way in which NSW Government agencies provide public access to government information.

It is critical for NSW Government agencies to ensure that staff understand the provisions of GIPA and the obligations that it imposes upon them. It is also critical that agencies develop appropriate policies and procedures to enable compliance with the legislation.

This half-day advanced course is designed for staff who have a basic understanding of the Act, administer the provisions of the Act and deal with often challenging and complex access applications.

Course Outline

  • Background to GIPA.
  • Key provisions.
  • Open access information.
  • Proactive release.
  • Informal release.
  • Formal access applications.
  • Ancillary provisions.
  • Implications for agency staff.
  • In depth analysis and discussion of key requirements.
  • Scenario/Case studies.

Course Benefits

  • Ensure staff have the necessary knowledge and understanding of their responsibilities under GIPA.
  • Reduce the chances of non compliance and any resultant consequences.

Participants receive InConsult’s Advanced GIPA Workbook, including case studies and templates.

Course Delivery

The course is only available as in-house training, modified to your risk management framework as either one-day or half-day training.

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