What Our Clients Say

“Our Framework is now very comprehensive and effectively embeds the assessment, management and control of risk at all levels within our organisation, which was our key objective in commissioning our Risk Review.”

   – Daphne Wayland, Compliance Manager, Pacific Link Housing

“InConsult’s expertise in risk management, insurance and APRA’s prudential framework has allowed us to make improvements to our risk management framework and successfully meet the regulators requirements.”

   – Sujay Banarji, Manager, The New India Assurance Co. Ltd
“Engaging InConsult to undertake a project implementation review proved to be an excellent choice. The knowledge and experience of their consultant made the whole process effortless. The recommendations from the assessment were independent, thoughtful, and relevant.”

   – Miles Thomas, CIO, CBHS

“The service and support by InConsult is outstanding.”

   – Annemie Pelletier, Risk & Compliance Manager, RealCover

“The InConsult team were integral in making lasting and significant improvements to Thrifty’s internal controls and processes.”

   – Grant Burley, Managing Director, PAH T/A Thrifty Car Rentals

“InConsult has become a valuable partner of Rockdale City Council in assisting and providing advice in setting up our Enterprise Risk Management Framework in accordance with ISO31000. Using, InConsult’s risk management technology, to document risks and controls, produce risk profiles, and treatment plans for each business unit and their activities. has enabled transparency of information and help coordinate various risk management activities.

   – Sinisa Stevin, Coordinator Risk Management, Rockdale City Council

“The implementation of these key risk management activities has significantly improved the culture of risk thinking and risk management within the organisation.”

   – Barry Smith, General Manager, Hunters Hill Council


Case Studies

Read our case studies to see how InConsult has made a real difference to our clients’ business.

  >  Risk Management Quick Start delivers growth opportunities for community housing provider

  >  Risk Assist provides a “cost effective” risk management function for Council

  >  Improved internal controls and assurance puts directors in control

  >  InConsult’s Internal Audit service “embraced by all levels of management”

  >  InConsult’s Fraud & corruption health check  and training raises fraud awareness for Council

  > delivers revitalised, robust and centralised risk management information

  > is the “perfect tool” for improving risk culture

  >  Outsourcing Internal Audit InConsult provides an indepth, targeted and value for money service



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