Cyber Risk Management

As we increasingly become reliant on technology and store our most important asset (information) and private data on various technology platforms, we often neglect to think about the risks. The loss of sensitive data or personal information, email scams and denial of services attacks are not accidents, they are the result of sophisticated and well orchestrated cyber attacks by well resourced criminals.

Despite spending millions of dollars on cyber security and other controls, a gap remains between preparedness and cyber threats with more and more cyber attack incidents reported daily.  Cyber risks can be misunderstood and often seen as just IT risks when in fact they are at the centre of the business strategy and impact all activities and stakeholders. 



Because technology itself is constantly changing, organisations need to maintain ongoing monitoring of their cyber risk framework to proactively mitigate cyber risk blind spots. That’s why an effective Cyber Risk Management Framework is essential to sound risk governance in order to identify, protect, detect, respond and recover from any cyber incident should it occur. 

  • What is the span of your current cyber risk exposure?
  • Are your insurance arrangements adequate?
  • Do you know where all your key information and/or data assets is stored?
  • Where are the weakest links in your network, assets and cyber security controls?
  • Is your cyber risk management framework aligned to your risk management framework?
  • How confident are you in detecting, responding and managing a cyber attack?

Our Cyber Risk Management Capabilities 

Our comprehensive range of Cyber Risk Management services will help answer these questions. Our services include:
  • Cyber Risk Gap Analysis: A high level gap analysis (Quick Scan) or comprehensive independent review (Advanced Scan) of your cyber risk governance framework to help identify key gaps. We combine our experience and the ground-breaking technology to examine many platform-agnostic risk factors, policy compliance statistics, and other leading risk indicators to provide you with your CSTAR score – a quantifiable security risk score for your organisation.
  • Cyber Risk Governance Framework Development:  We will help design an appropriate cyber risk management framework to help strengthen governance, culture, cyber security control environment and staff awareness to gain greater maturity. We will ensure your cyber risk policy and cyber incident response plans are aligned to the risk management framework, other response plans, risk appetite and tolerance. 
  • Cyber Risk Awareness Training & Internal Campaigns: If you already have policies and plans, our training will help you reinforce your organisation’s key cyber risk controls to reduce the likelihood of a cyber risk incident.
  • Crisis Team Familiarisation Training: Ensure the crisis management team required to oversee the implementation of the cyber incident response plan are familiar and confident with planned response procedures.
  • Cyber Risk Response Exercising: Select from a range of cyber attack scenarios to exercise your cyber incident response plan, find the gaps, iron out issues and be better prepared to respond.
  • Post-Cyber Incident Review: We can conduct a forensic review after a cyber incident.  Your stakeholders will want an answer – How did this occur? What went wrong? What can we learn? How do we ensure it doesn’t happen again? 

Would you like to know more about our Cyber Risk Management services and capabilities? Contact us today.

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